Not so foggy as the last 2 days. But still misty.

As usual we checked out The Wardens Office for Moths. We found 2 moths. This very nice Streak….


Also yet another different colour shade of Mottled Umber…


Really nice to see the children’s Bird Feeding station already bringing in the birds. In this case a Nuthatch…


There seemed to be more Fungi about this morning. The wetter conditions have probably helped…

IMG_6095 IMG_6167 IMG_6196 IMG_6277 IMG_6377 IMG_6404

We now seem to have Moles on Goldie Heath….


Loads of Sweet Chestnut seeds had opened up in this Starfish shape…


Ken found and photographed this Green Moss Owl on Brants Hill…


This Larva is Unidentified. Its a very unusual looking Larva. Its the first invertebrate I have found on one of the insect signs for a while….

IMG_6566 IMG_6513IMG_6601

In the mist there were still Fieldfare eating the Rowan Berries….


Buzzard v Carrion Crow. Not sure who won, they vanished into the mist…



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