Still misty most of the morning on HC…


At The Wardens Office there were 5 Mottled Umber, with 3 different colour forms….

IMG_6617 IMG_6728 IMG_6762

There was also a Feathered Thorn. Not sure if it gets its name from its Antennae. But this one had really feathery antennae…


Side view of a Streak….


Blue Tit at the new Feeding Station….


Also at the feeding station was a very shy Coal Tit….


The Goldcrests gave me a few better photo opportunities this morning….

IMG_8093 IMG_8094 IMG_8102 IMG_8115 IMG_8118

We heard a Tawny Owl calling this morning

Mycena with a touch of dew….


Update:- This Larva from yesterday is a Hoverfly Larva. Its name is Hoverfly (syrphidae). I did not hold much hope of this being identified. But amazingly on iSpot, there always seems someone who specialises in all forms of inverts. Turns out there is also a Hoverfly Larvae book….

IMG_6566 Image 1


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