13ºC and mostly dull and rainy conditions.

The Bird Feeding station seemed busier. Mostly the commoner species, but always still nice to watch. Also seen at the feeders today, but not photographed were Long-tailed Tits, Greenfinch and a Bullfinch.

Love these new feeders someone has put up. So did the birds, in this case a Blue Tit….


Love the colour on this Blue Tit…


This Blue Tit, Great Tit and Coal Tit are the 5th species I have photographed on this same piece of broken Bracken (See 5.11.15)…

IMG_8457 IMG_8469 IMG_8491

There are still a few Rowan berries left, and this female Chaffinch was making the most of them…


Robin below the feeders…


I’ve been reading about Caddisflies today. Never realised there were 199 different species in the UK and Ireland. Checking this one out to confirm species…


After seeing my first Hoverfly Larva last week, I think I found another today on The Wardens Office window ledge. I’m pretty sure its the same as the one last week, but a bit more developed….

IMG_7127 IMG_7144 IMG_7287


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