I’m Back!

With all the bad weather, and both my Wife’s parents being unwell, along with my own Mum. Plus the fact I have had bad back problems. I have only been down HC a handful of times the past few months.

But hopefully, I can start getting back to what I love doing..Photographing the Wildlife on Highgate Common.

For today, I’m just going to post some of the photos I’ve taken on my very few, and short trips over The Common…..

The moths have only just started to turn up at the lights. But I did have a bit of luck the one day I visited. I was talking to Cobbs the Staffordshire Wildlife Warden, and noticed this Spring Usher land on the front of a Suzuki car parked outside the window. I only had my phone on me, so I snapped a photo with that…Image

Image 1

The only other moths were seen this week. They were 2 Dotted Borders, one of which was hiding on the CCTV Security sign.




Also at the Wardens Office was this nicely marked Shoulder Stripe….


Birds where mostly the commoner species, and I won’t insult people by naming them. The Feeding Station is now getting quite a few visitors, which is always nice to see…



Birds out and about the Common including this Yellowhammer adding a splash of colour on a very grey day. I also enjoyed The Little Bit of Bread and No Cheese song it repeated for at least 5 minutes…




Strange one this, believe it or not this is my first record of Mute Swans at HC, albeit a flyover, on yet another grey day….IMG_8654

With all the rain this winter, its nice to see even the small Pool full with water…

Image 1

Also nice to see the new Bat Boxes round The Common now…


Dull and Grey day, but the last few days have been better…Thank The Lord!!!!…


Going by the position of the hole in this Hazelnut, and the teeth marks I would guess a Vole had eaten its contents. (See illustration below)…


Image 3

The only invertabrate I spotted on my walk was a 7 Spot Ladybird possibly over wintering in amongst the heather…





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