Dull and Cold.

Visited a couple of places local to Highgate Common today.

The first being Hinksford, Wall Heath, to see the Hoopoe. I had seen it a few times, but each time it  was raining, so I decided against taking the camera gear. Today was dry, although dull. Besides that the bird has become really wary of people now, and kept a good distance between us and itself. It also flies up to nearby trees now, if you get to close. But I did manage this distant record photo (below). I do regret now not making time on a sunnier day early on, when the bird was less wary. But its not like this was my first Hoopoe, so just to see it in Staffordshire was a good tick for me…


After Wall Heath me and Ken travelled to the farm, where we had good views of a male Reed Bunting….



Also got photos of Blue Tit/Mallard and a couple  Cormarants flew over…




Then it was off over to HC, where there still is a lack of moths. Unfortunately by now I was getting really cold, and my sunday roast was calling to me. But I couldn’t resist a few photos of a cute Long-tailed Tit, and what appeared to be an injured Dunnock…..




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