Saturday….Sunny with Blue Skies… 4ºC

Must admit at the moment it’s very quiet over HC, and we are finding it hard going, to see any wildlife to report on.

With no Moths at the Wardens Office we decided to have a walk over Mere Pools. Sitting on top of one of the hedges down the lane , was a Song Thrush enjoying the early morning sunlight…


Always nice to see Lapwings on farmland close to HC. Last year a pair built a nest close by, only to have it ploughed through by a farmer. Better Luck this year I hope….


There were 4 Tufted Duck on the pools (Only managed to get 3 in this photo)…


Wood Pigeon Tree….


Greylag Goose coming into land…


Always nice to see the Hot Air Balloon’s, usually means..sun is shining and no winds. So I’m hoping for more Hot Air Balloon type days this year. Photographed over Brant Hill in hazy sunshine…


Great Tit…


We got to see our first Bee on HC this year. I’m almost sure that the Queen of the Red-tailed Bumblebee emerge first. So I would guess this is a Queen Red-tailed Bumblebee. How it was walking, it looked as if it had only just woke up…IMG_9300

Female Kestrel…


With it being so quiet on HC, me and Ken have decided to have a trip over Norfolk tomorrow. Looking forward to the day…not the 4am start.



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