Tuesday, Mainly Sunny with Clouds, 9ºC

I think this was the longest I’ve ever heard a Nuthatch sing. It seemed to go on ages…


With all the bad weather over the winter, nice to see the picnic tables finally being used…


Had a great session observing this Common Buzzard. I was luckily in the right position as it landed. Usually they fly off if you get as close as I was today. I watched it for at least half an hour. All the time I watched it never stopped hunting. I swear it was using the passing cars, to see if they disturbed any small rodents under where it had perched. With every car that passed it would move it’s head side to side, and scan the ground even more intensely.


The next four photos show how a Buzzard fluffs out it’s breast feathers, to tuck it’s leg/foot inside the fluffed feathers. This is to reduce heat loss to the unfeathered limbs..





At this moment I thought I had been spotted, but it never moved, and it kept on hunting. The other photo here, shows well the Nictitating Membrane covering the eye..



I seem to be catching a lot of birds with an itch lately. The Curlew Sunday, and today this Buzzard…


When the bird stood up, I thought it was about to fly off. It did not fly off, see the following photo for reason..


Oh Well! We all have to go…


With not much about on HC today…It’s close encounters with what is a common bird for Highgate Common, makes the effort seem worthwhile…Loved Every Minute, with this stunning bird….



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