Friday..Mainly Sunny, with Occasional Clouds…11ºC

For Good Friday Me and Ken visited my mate Rob, and his Lovely wife Joan (Thanks for the Teas and Lovely Cakes Joan), who live on the edge of the Yorkshire/Derbyshire border in Sheffield.

Rob had planned a day of wildlife walks at the following sites:- Redmire Conduit, Calver & Shillito Wood and Bog. Each place delivered great views of wildlife, which really made it a Good Friday…

Male and Female Red Grouse, Kindly sitting on a typical stone wall in this area…



Distant Golden Plover, most of these stayed distant, and hidden in the heather…


The Dippers were very busy flying up and down the river as usual. It was a pity here that it went overcast..But we still enjoyed the spectacle of these great birds, diving in and out of the strong currents, and occasionally giving one or two photo opportunities. Plus my 3rd species itching photo…






Grey Wagtail…


We spotted this Male Stonechat sitting on Gorse, as we were driving down a lane…


Also got to see really good numbers of Yellowhammer, at least six birds in the same area..



Really pleased with the next event. Yet again as we were driving down one of the many lanes, we happened to notice a guy taking photos on a rather small bank, from close range. Knowing my lenses I could see he was using a white Canon 100-400mm lens. We pulled over briefly, and not seeing any birdlife,we presumed he may have been photographing Invertebrates or Flowers. With other possibilities of our own on Rob’s Wildlife Tour, we decided to carry on up the lane. Luckily about an hour later we had to drive back down the same lane. This time there was a different man photographing the same bank close up, but this time using a black Nikon zoom lens. We all agreed this deserved investigation. As we got to the site of the bank 100 yards off the lane, we were told that there had been 9 Adders seen in this smallish area. The guys there were taking facial photos of the Adders for recognition later. We got to see four individuals, which were all basking in probably the warmest sun of the year.  I could really kick myself….I had decided to leave my other camera with 100mm Macro Lens back home..So I had to stand quite a distance away with my big lens to get these photos….What A Numpty!!!  Like the Grey Seal at Titchwell…these Adders help finish off a great day….




Also seen:- 32 Species of Bird, also 4 Red Deer and 1 very tasty Homemade Pie and Chips in Hathersage Outside Shop/Restaurant.


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