Happy Easter Everyone….Have you put the Clocks Forward one hour?

Sunday…After looking at the weather forecast for today, I was quite surprised it was sunny. The forecast last night said we would have rain.  9ºC.

It’s been exactly a month since I saw my last moth at The Wardens Office. So I was quite pleased to find this Twin-spotted Quaker this morning. Lets hope this is the start of a great year for all invertebrates….




There have already been sightings of Oil Beetles and Bloody-nosed Beetles this year. But today is my first sighting of Bloody-nosed Beetles. I saw two on my walk, the first one vanished into the long grass. But this one kindly walked across a fallen Oak leaf…



Chiffchaffs have now made it to HC, with sightings yesterday and today. I took a photo last year of a dead Pygmy Shrew. I’m 100% sure I saw my first live one today. I just got focused in on it, when it vanished into the grass.

Update:- The Gull I saw the other day at Upton Warren, was in fact a hybrid. I’m still glad I picked it out though, means my spotting skills are still sharp.

Mediterranean Gull x Black-headed Gull…




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