MondayWhere do I start about todays weather? Well it all started off this morning. I looked out of window, and could not believe my eyes…We had Snow overnight, cars and grass where white over. Stourbridge and the overnight snow, even got a mention on the main BBC News. By the time I got downstairs, most of the snow had gone, with the heavy rain. I had told myself to forget a trip to HC, but after about another hour the rained stopped, and the sun broke through…9ºC. The lanes leading to Highgate Common were totally flooded. I even noticed that Enville Golf Course was closed, mainly because some of the greens were totally under-water.

It was that bad overnight, that Highgate Common now have a new pool opposite the Golf Course, on Mere Lane.


No Moths at Wardens Office.

I had a tip off yesterday from Hannah-The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Warden, about good numbers of Oil Beetles being seen. With the sun shining brightly, me and Ken headed to the location. We had only been there a few minutes, when I spotted a beetle, It wasn’t an Oil Beetle, but this female Minotaur Beetle, rolling a real fresh looking Rabbit dropping threw the grass….


The day soon got even better, within a small area we saw 6 Oil Beetles, plus the Minotaur above. Like last year, I can see possible reasons for either Black or Violet Oil Beetles. So I’ve sent the following images off to John Walters…




Nice to see the Cladonia floerkeana (Devils Matchstick Lichen) doing so well in between the Heather…


On the White House Heath side, it resembled a bog not a Lowland Heath. Where the actual Bog is, one of the Reptile mats was lucky not to be under water. Under instructions I never lift these mats, but it just got me curious with the wet bog like conditions. With nowhere to go, this lovely little Wood Mouse had no choice but to stay and have a few photos taken. We soon left him in peace to settle….






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