TuesdayMainly sunny, with a few broken clouds. 10ºC.

No Moths at the Wardens Office.

Me and Ken checked out the trees on the hill of the main Common. It always seems to attract the first migrating Warblers. Only 100 yards into our walk, a Chiffchaff gave us our first photographs of a Chiffchaff this year…


The Siskin flock was also feeding on the main Common. Although they were still high in the Silver Birches, at least this time the light conditions were more favourable for photos…



This was a nice spot by Ken. Also it’s been exactly 1 year today since we saw the first Gorse Shielbug last year…


I quite like dappled light when taking photos. The song of the Dunnock is what i’ve been waking up too the last few weeks….


The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Volunteers (which I joined for a couple of hours) were digging out Bee Beaches. I also heard that the work party had been joined by the local MP/Councillor. Not sure if he is in this photo, but it shows the nice conditions we had. This photo also only shows about a third of the Volunteers…


Just to prove the Bee Beaches work…A Grey Mining Bee joined us, maybe to see if we had done a good job with it’s new area to live in. Glad I got a photo of this one, I had earlier seen my first Mining Bee (Possible Grey) on Whitehouse Heath…




I’ve seen a Wren display a few times, but never actually photographed it. Not all the photographs are that good, mainly because of the speed it all happens at. But with all the wing lifting and the very loud song of the Wren, it really is a spectacular display…



I would just like to thank Wendy (one of the volunteers) for showing me this new Lichen for me. Its called Peltigera hymenina. It’s common name being Dog Lichen…




I have now seen 3 types of Bumblebee on HC this year so far, with this Buff-tailed Bumblebee being the first of this species this year…


Myself and the Volunteers got to see some Oil Beetles (My count 5). But Gary spotted the Oil Beetle highlight of the day (Thanks Gary). With two Oil Beetles mating (Bottom photo)….




Great way to end my short break.




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