Friday..50% Sun, 50% Cloud…11ºC

Went over HC today, to do my first Butterfly Survey of the year (Results at the end of post).

At the Wardens Office I found a March Tubic (Diurnea fagella)….


On the Butterfly survey we came across this Common Newt, near the Island Pool…


As with the Oil Beetles last week..Love was also in the air for these two Bloody-nosed Beetles… 


I know the next photo looks cute. But unfortunately this Pygmy Shrew is in fact dead.Which at least gave me time to measure it. Like Weasels and Stoats, the Common Shrew and Pygmy Shrew cross over in measurements. Body 50mm and Tail 35mm. But going by the domed head, this is a Pygmy Shrew. I have now seen 2 dead, and 1 alive. Found out they only live just over a year. So I guess this is why I have found 2 dead ones.


Back to the Butterfly Survey. This was about as exciting as it got. With not one Butterfly seen. But negative surveys are just as important. I did get some funny looks though resting on a bench like this…

Image 1 

I saw and heard my 1st Willow Warbler this year. Also there have been 2 reports of Tree Pipits on HC today.


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