Thursday…. Sunny most of the morning. When I arrived it was -1ºC. When I left HC it was 9ºC.

It’s nice to see the Lapwings have not been disturbed this year so far. Distant photo…



I had quite a bit of luck today. My first bit of luck came with the Little Owl. It was sunning itself in a distant tree. But all the while I was taking distant photos, It was being pestered by a male Blackbird (1st photo). Finally the Little Owl got fed up of all the commotion , and flew right to the tree I was standing by (2nd photo)…



I would like to thank Gary for my next bit of luck. Late last night Gary got in touch with me, to tell me..he had heard a male Wood Warbler singing. Coincidently it was Gary who told me about last years Wood Warbler, and it was more or less in the same area. I had only been in the area of the wood a few minutes when I heard it’s distinct song. I did wonder being so cold if it would be singing at all. But luckily it was low down and kept finding areas of sunlight to sing in…..



The Tree Pipits have now reached Brants Hill….



Willow Warbler was checking out the Heather for inverts on Goldie Heath. I hope it had more success than I’m getting lately…


Although this next photo is not that good (more of a record photo). It was really great seeing two Grey Partridge at Highgate Common. In fact this was my first Grey Partridge sighting for a number of years in my local area. Like I say not a great photo, and you will have to take my word that it was definitely a Grey and not a Red-legged Partridge…


The Cuckoo is still calling, but for me…very illusive.


2 thoughts on “28.4.16.

  1. Linda says:

    Great photos, Andy! The one of the singing Wood Warbler is really cute, the one of the Little Owl is my favourite though! 😉
    Today, I heard on the news here that many young Lapwings won’t survive because of the cold..:-(

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