Saturday…Partial Cloud most of the morning..6ºC.

The male Wood Warbler was still showing well. With me taking photos of the bird the last couple of days, I decided to wait for the very illusive Cuckoo, which actually called longer this morning (but it still stayed out of view).

Ken did kindly send me one of his photos of the Wood Warbler from this morning..


Goldcrest was singing just below the Wood Warbler…


Robin was collecting Moss off some broken Oak Branches…


Me and Ken, then met up with Dave and Ron. Dave heard the 1st Garden Warblers that we had seen on HC this year. In fact there was a definite 3, with a possible 4th bird that flew to the main Common…


Another 1st for me this year, was a male Whitethroat. I also heard a Lesser Whitethroat singing, but like the Cuckoo could not locate it. I will be trying over next week to do so.


Tree Pipit was in a tree above the Island Pool…


This Jay was searching through the leaf litter…


Mistle Thrush was singing high up in the canopy, most of the morning…


Song Thrush…


Really pleased The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust have put some Bee Beaches on Goldie Heath…Hopefully if the weather ever gets warmer, this will be great to keep an eye on…



2 thoughts on “30.4.16.

  1. Annie Bos says:

    Love the cute little Goldcrest, the Song Trush, but most of all the Robin, so busy with all the stuff in his beak.
    The Robin is one of my favourite birds, miss the one in my garden the last few days.


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