Bank Holiday Monday..Overcast, but it was warmer…14ºC.

Only a short visit this morning. Mainly to see if the Pied Flycatcher had stayed overnight. With Ken, Gary, Myself and another Birder, we had 4 pairs of eyes on the lookout for the bird. Unfortunately after about an hour looking, we could not find it again.

The male Wood Warbler was still 200m west of the Birch Coppice Car Park.

I think my hearing must be getting better. Over the last few days I have heard Goldcrests and this Treecreeper singing. The last few years I have heard less and less of the high pitched bird song (OLD AGE).  Lucky to actually photograph it calling. But we did see 2 on the same tree…


While searching through the wood for the Pied Flycatcher, Gary spotted a male Goldcrest displaying to a female. I did not capture a photo with the full orange in the crest as he displayed. But you can just make out a small area of the orange in its crown….


Not sure why, but I do think some people question, what we see on HC. Especially with this Pied Flycatcher. Bear in mind I did not find the bird, or put the first 2 sightings out on 2 separate Birding sites. All I can do like anybody else…is hopefully find it, like I did yesterday afternoon. But if anybody does question my honesty, they are quite welcome to see my EXIFs. Also here is a small sequence on my camera of what I captured on my camera…


2 thoughts on “2.5.16.

  1. Gary says:

    Mate, there will always be people who need to put their own finger in the nail wounds before they will believe… unless they have seen for themselves… and even then you will only get a begrudging shrug of acceptance. Very annoying but don’t lose sleep over it pal


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