Friday… Warm and Hazy Sunshine…20ºC.

I was thinking it would be ideal conditions to do my second Butterfly Survey this year. But rather than full sun like most of the morning had enjoyed. By the time I got to HC it had gone hazy. But at least I got Butterflies on this survey. 1 Red Admiral, 1 Green-veined White, 1 Peacock and a Small Tortoiseshell.

Before me and Ken started the survey, we spotted our 1st Green Tiger Beetle, this year. Which kindly flew up onto the Heather…


There were really good numbers of Mining Bees today. Mainly Nomads and Ashy/Grey Mining bees, like this one, trying to decide Upstairs or Downstairs…


This is not a great photo of a Green Longhorn Moth (Adela reaumerella), because it landed and soon flew off. It’s the 1st Longhorn Moth I’ve seen this year…


After finishing the Butterfly survey, we spotted 2 male Emperor Moths. This one at The Wardens Office, just as we were finishing a well deserved Ice-cream (Thanks Ken). It suddenly  struck me that I must have had traces of pheromone left on my boots. Ken photographed it approaching my boots, I luckily caught it as it zoomed by. Emperors are a lot faster than Butterflies….

Image 06-05-2016 at 18.58



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