Monday…Sunny and Muggy…20ºC.

Finally got closer views of the Male Cuckoo. In the 1st photo, I actually managed to capture it calling. It also allowed about 6 people to get really close… 2nd photo. Can I just make it clear, I wouldn’t chase the birds around HC just for a photo. I take what’s on my route.  This Cuckoo was only 50 metre’s off the path. In fact some dog walkers got even nearer, and the Cuckoo stayed in the tree. Chasing birds around, only tires them out, at this important time of the year for all birds…..



Willow Warbler…


This is the 1st Black-headed Cardinal Beetle I’ve seen this year…..


I think there seems more Garden Warblers on HC this year. Here’s one warbling away..


Some areas of the woodland look lovely with it’s carpet of Bluebells…


There are plenty of Green Longhorn Moths around the Oak trees at the moment…


One confused Robin…It’s obviously an invertebrate sign….



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