Sunday…Lovely and sunny…16ºC

Highlight of the day was knowing the Green Hairstreaks had finally emerged on HC. It was Ken who told me he had seen and photographed one this morning. So thanks Ken for the photo….


After the very tiring day in East Yorkshire yesterday, I was not going over HC today. But when Ken told me about seeing a Green Hairstreak, I decided to have a look. I did see one, but it flew high and over the top of the trees. But it was nice to have a relaxing walk with my wife and our dog Amy on such a nice afternoon…


I found a unknown Micro Moth with gold spots…


1st Red and Black Froghopper i’ve seen this year. Never noticed before how red their eyes are…


7-Spot Ladyird…


Sue my wife spotted a Green Tiger Beetle. Which amazed me, she hardly ever see’s anything when it comes to invertebrates…


There was a Small Magpie moth on The Wardens Office lights…




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