Thursday…Mainly Dull and Rainy.

Decided to go back to work this afternoon and take some photos of the Grey Wagtails before they fledge the hole in the wall nest.

I must explain how the birds are situated. At my work we have two large slopes with bright yellow hand rails running down either side. The slopes are actually for Fork Lift Trucks. At the bottom of the slope, there are numerous square holes. The 1st hole at the bottom of the slope is where the Grey Wagtails decided to nest.

I’m going to post my favourite photo first. Some of the chicks now can’t wait for Mum and Dad to get to the back of the hole where the nest is, and are waiting for food at the edge. With there being 7 chicks, I did wonder if this would cut the supply of food off, to the other 2 chicks at the back of the nest (more on that later). If you notice all the chicks are looking up. This is because Dad has just landed on the hand rail above (see 2nd photo for Dad looking down at chicks). For some reason, the adult female always walked up to the nest from below…


It’s surprising what you can learn on closer examinations of photos at home. Like the different types of invertebrates which the adults feed their young. Also with it being rainy the speed the parents were catching food. Easily every 2 minutes there was a feeding session…





I work with some really tough blokes, and its amazed me how some of them have help look after these young birds. Being such a full small nest, we have had a few of the young fall out the nest, The guys have helped and popped them back in, mainly to avoid about 10 Fork Lift Trucks. The guys have also had to slow down past the nest site, mainly for the female who walks right in front of the Fork Lift Trucks to get to the nest. Even while I was taking these photos below, one dropped out, and they can’t fly well enough yet. Thanks to Dave he popped it back in. We are all hoping they fledge over the weekend so no danger of  Fork Lift Truck accidents….




The calling between the parents and the chicks never stops now…



Grey Wagtail on an AMB Die…


Over the weeks, we have seen both parents keep going into the nest, to sit on eggs, and feed their chicks. It seems strange now, that the parents have to act a bit like Hummingbirds to feed the chicks. Not great photos, mainly because it happens way to quick. But on examination of loads of photos taken, they do seem to feed every chick…







Even the ones at the back. Both parents don’t seem to mind stepping on the chicks at the front…


Fingers Crossed that these young turn into another beautiful Grey Wagtail, like this adult…





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