Sunday..Sunny and 15ºC, but very damp after yesterday’s rain.

I visited Dowles Brook-Wyre Forest today with Ken. Mainly to look for Fritillaries, which are now emerging. We wasn’t to hopeful after yesterdays heavy rain.

We arrived early. So to give the area time to dry out, and hopefully get better conditions for butterflies, we decided to check out the Knowles Coppice Nature Reserve and up the Brook itself. After seeing the Grey Wagtails just fledge youngsters at work, I was amazed to see this one just carrying nesting material. But at least this Grey Wagtail had picked a more natural nesting site, and a lot more picturesque than my work…



Halfway up the Brook, we spotted a Dipper, doing what Dippers naturally do…searching through and under the water looking for a meal…


Then the same bird flew past us, and landed on a broken tree trunk, overhanging the brook in full sunlight…


Ken got this photo of a Water Carpet…


After a couple of hours walking, we decided it seemed warm enough to go search for the Fritillaries. On the way we heard and saw a Pied Flycatcher, but to high for a photo. We had only been in the area where you usually see the Fritillaries, and one landed perfectly for a photo opportunity. This is a Pearl-bordered Fritillary, and it proved to be the only one that did give us a photo opportunity. We did see 5 altogether in the morning, but 4 just flew past…to wet to land I guess. I do love the underside of these beautiful butterflies…



As usual the Speckled Yellow moths were the most numerous Lepidoptera flying around…


Unidentified Micro Moth…



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