Monday, mainly sunny and 13ºC at mid-morning.

Having to work really hard at the moment to get any wildlife photos of interest. I have changed to my smaller telephoto lens…in hope of seeing an early Dragonfly.

Checking out that I can still manage a photo with my old lens, and it being so quiet..I tried it out on a Magpie showing its Nictitating Membrane protecting it’s eye….


Good numbers of Bloody-nosed Beetle larvae about this morning. Counted 6 in one small area….


Yet another Long-tailed Tits nest got predated this year…


The Honeysuckle is almost in flower. I always think this means it won’t be long for the White Admirals to appear at HC…


Answer on a Post Card….


Black-headed Cardinal Beetle…


Fantastic spot by Ken, he told me there was a Micro Moth on this Tree Trunk. I then looked for it for at least 5 minutes, and still did not find it. So he had to show me. Spot this Unidentified Micro Moth on the 1st Photo…


Close up of above Micro Moth…


I think these maybe Peacock butterfly larvae. That Bramble leaf won’t last that long with that amount of hungry mouths…


Talking about leaves that won’t last…Holy Moly…


Male Mallard on the Dog Pool…


Finally I would like to Thank Hannah Dalton for all her hard work as the main Warden for The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust at Highgate Common. Hannah is leaving us to travel The World.  She always had a smile in the morning, even when there was 2 weird blokes looking at lights outside her office window, for moths.  I really hope the trip to all those countries you will visit, will be even better than you wished for….

photo 5

Not sure if Hannah leaving had an affect on visitors today. But I have never been on HC at 8:00am on a lovely sunny morning, and seen the main car park empty…


Heres hoping for more Butterflies and Dragonflies….Soon!!!!


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