Tuesday..Lovely and Sunny Morning. 17ºC at 10am.

The best day by far this year. Just hoping it’s the start of the better weather.

Two moths today at The Wardens Office. This Brown Silver-line flew off the wall and landed in the car park…


This Common Pug stayed under the light, and made it a bit easier to take a photo…


Dock Leaf Beetle enjoying the early morning sun…


I actually made a mistake yesterday. I reported on a Long-tailed Tits nest, that had been predated on. It had definitely been got at, because I found the egg underneath the nest. Not seeing any sign of the adult birds yesterday, I took it that the nest had been abandoned. Turns out they must have young in the nest, and both adults were busy finding food to feed them…


This is the 1st Red Tipped Flower Beetle i’ve seen this year…


I said yesterday I was hoping for the first Dragonflies to turn up. So I was really happy to see this Four-spotted Chaser at the Island Pool today….



Found a Beetle I need to get Identified. Just wish it had stayed still, longer than it did, before it flew off…


Really good numbers of Large Red Damselflies round the Island Pool now…


It was also my best day for Green Hairstreak. I spotted 5 in different areas of The Common. Also a highlight when you manage to get close enough for a few photos…



One of my life ambitions is to find a snake (any snake) coiled up, and with it facing the camera. I nearly had my chance this morning by the Island Pool. I spotted this large Grass Snake, coiled up and sunning itself. I had to try to get nearer to avoid some undergrowth in the line of the lens. Unfortunately I snagged my boot on some blasted Bramble, and the snake uncoiled to get away. Luckily I managed a few photos, as it slithered off. Being a bit bigger (for a Grass Snake) I was lucky it was a slow slither. I bet you will love this photo Judi….


My 1st Small Copper photographed this year…


Drinker moth larva…


Just Hoping for more Days like Today!!!


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