Thursday..Overcast and 10ºC.

Checked out the Wardens Office for Moths. My 1st Green Carpet of the year. Also met Highgate Commons new SWT’s Warden…Hayley. Welcome to HC Hayley!


This was a shock, I opened my car door to put my boots on, and noticed a Glow Worm walking across the Car Park. I saw Pat and Sue 2 of HC’s brilliant volunteers, and asked if they had ever seen a Glow Worm on HC and during the day. Both answered no, so they came to enjoy the spectacle. This is only the 3rd time I have ever seen a Glow Worm during the day. Worrying about it getting run over or trampled on…Sue encouraged it onto a leaf, and put it out of harms way. Well Done Sue!!


18 Certificate Wildlife…Ashy/Grey Mining Bee, being eaten from inside by Red Ants…


What a Roller-Coaster of a week these Long-tailed Tits have given me…

Monday…Noticed damage to nest and Egg on a Gorse Branch…reported nest had been predated with no sign of adults.

Tuesday…walked past nest again, and noticed both adults with larvae going in and out of nest…took photos of adults, and presumed they had young chicks.

Wednesday…being on one of my main routes, walked past nest again. this time the nest looked totally destroyed, feathers everywhere from inside nest. No sign of adults, photographed Jay feather in the middle of gorse…reported this time it was the end of the road for nest and young.

Today…walked passed nest site again. Yet again I noticed adults with Larvae again. Then I noticed one of their young trying to balance just to the side of nest on a gorse branch. I was really happy that at least one chick seemed to have somehow managed to survive the attack. I moved in a bit closer to avoid some branches in my cameras line of sight. Then noticed another chick emerge from the side of the damaged nest..Then another…then another. Within the matter of 5 minutes I saw 4 chicks come out of nest. But watching Mum and Dad feed chicks I actually counted 6 chicks, but I honestly think there was more. Keeping my distance I think I got photos of most of the 6 nearby.

I’ve been thinking today, about the events of this nest over the past 4 days. I think the egg was probably addled, and thrown out of nest by adults. With Long-tailed Tits having clutch sizes between 8-12, a Jay may have coursed damage to the nest, and indeed took a few young out. But the feather may have just blown there. I did say..I just could not imagine a Jay getting into such tight woven Gorse. The damage to the nest could have been due to an overcrowded nest. I’m sure I have read..The adults also make other holes in the nest to encourage fledglings out.

Either way, this weeks events concluded with an Happy ending, and these Very Very Cute photos….







I think this one heard my Camera clicking, so I got spotted…


Just loved watching all these chicks fledge. It doesn’t have to be a rare bird, to be special!


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