Sunday….Mostly sunny with partial cloud at dinner time. 20ºC.

Visited Highgate Common twice today. Both visits only for a small amount of time. The first visit was to check out for Moths at The Wardens. This Common Swift was the only moth there. But it is the first of the year…


The second visit was in the middle of the afternoon. I spotted my first Grass Wave of the year…


Small Heath posed nicely on a branch…


The main reason for the short visits to HC today, was that myself and Ken decided to check out Cannock Chase (Smartphone Photo)…


We visited three well known sites, but for birds, it proved a very quiet day. This distant Kestrel was the only photo I managed by The Broken Silver Birch. We did see Tree Pipit, Meadow Pipit, Cuckoo and three Stonechat. But all either to distant or looking into the sun…


Walking back up to the Katyn Memorial we saw the most Green Hairstreaks I have ever seen in such a small amount of time. They were even landing on the path/pebbles in front of us…




Over at the pool near the Glacial Boulder, we saw 4 Four-spotted Chasers. Earlier I had found a Nymph Cast, and we both wondered what had emerged from it. Not being an expert on Nymph Casts…I would guess it was probably one of the 4 Four-spotted Chasers that just would not land…


The Glacial Boulder…This Granite Boulder got here in the last Ice-Age, and came from the mountains in Upland Scotland. It supposed to have taken ten thousand years to get here. Traveling on a very slow Glacial wave. Now it’s been cemented into pebbles, I don’t think it will move much in the next ten thousand years…


I know this isn’t Wildlife, but I have always wanted to look and take a few photos of The German Military Cemetery on Cannock Chase. The place is absolutely immaculate. So it should be, after all they were someones Sons/Husbands etc. Had to look this up…There are 4,929 burials from WW1 and WW2…





At the WW2 Rifle Range Ken spotted this Two-banded Longhorn Beetle. This is only the third time I’ve seen one of these…


Close to The Rifle Range I got only my second bird photo of a very long walk. This Whitethroat continued to sing for ages….


Lovely Weather…Lovely Walk!!!




3 thoughts on “29.5.16.

  1. David Hawkins says:

    Hi Andy
    The photos of the war cemetery look more like the commonwealth cemetery next to the road, rather than the grey stones of the German cemetery about 500m back from the road – unless you found part of the German cemetery I do not know.
    Love the blog – love Highgate – pointed to your blog by Mick who knows us both.


    • Thanks David, You maybe right. although I have been on Cannock Chase loads of times. I have always drove by the cemetery. I know this sounds strange, but I did blow a few of the names up in the blogs photos, and saw the Names Herman and Adolf on the white gravestones. So I honestly thought it was the German section. Thanks for Loving the Blog!!!


    • Just blowed more of the photos up of white gravestones…along with Adolf, Herman, there is also Heinrich and Wilhelm. So I would guess those are also German graves near that big white cross!


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