Thursday..Overcast morning and a Sunny afternoon…19ºC.

After a very unsuccessful visit to Pound Green, Worcestershire, looking for Wood Whites. Me and Ken decided to return to HC, which we thought would be a bit livelier on the invert front.

At the Wardens Office there was a well worn Footman. Not sure of identification, mainly because the one it looks like, should not be on the wing yet….


Brimstone kindly landed a few times, on a patch of Bluebells and then on a patch of Red Campion…



The first Large Skippers are now turning up. Saw this one after unsuccessfully trying to get closer to above Brimstone…



Female Broad-bodied Chaser on Brant Hill…



This is the first ever Issus coleoptratus I have ever seen. Although reading about them, they are pretty common. It’s a species of Planthopper. Love how it appears to have a brush out it’s rear end….



I do believe this is a Marbled White Spot, but the markings are slightly different than the others of this moth i’ve seen…



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