Friday…Mostly hazy sun. 20ºC

I didn’t go over HC today. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping my eye open for wildlife. At home our outside light has never attracted many moths. But last week we put a new bulb in it. So imagine my delight when it attracted two Hawk-moths.

The first on Wednesday was a Lime Hawk-moth…



The second was a moth I’ve wanted to take a photo of for ages. It’s the well named Eyed Hawk-moth. Having taken it several times with wings closed, I suddenly wondered how I could get it to show those beautiful underwing eyes from which it gets it’s name. Also it had to be something that did not harm the moth. The method I used was to slap wall 6 inches in front of it.  It does this to scare any potential predators off….





Add to that the Poplar Hawk-moth I saw at the Wardens Office on the 25th of May, I think I’ve had a good couple of weeks with the Hawk-moth family….


Now all three for a comparison….



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