Wednesday…Sunny morning and 22ºC

I would like to start todays post off, by saying…Although I know a lot about general wildlife, I’m not an expert in every wildlife field that exists. I’m asking people if they see an identification I have got wrong…Please Please let me know. It would be very much appreciated.

Epithecia satyrata satyrata…


Overnight rain quietened down most things early morning. Like this Mother Shipton amongst the wet grass…


Tetragnatha extensa, not sure I’ve seen this colour variety of Stretch Spider…


Green Orb Spider with packed lunch. I think it’s a Flesh Fly with it’s abdomen sucked dry…


Helophilus pendulus or you can use it’s common name….Sun Fly and it’s certainly been flying in the sun the last few days…


These Tadpoles look on the large size. But they do appear to be normal Common Frog tadpoles albeit well fed…



Me and Ken spotted two Dragonflies that had freshly emerged. This one still connected to it’s cast. At first I thought this one was a Common Darter. But looking at my photos at home a bit closer. I think they are both Broad-bodied Chasers….


This one was drying out in the sun. I took the 2nd photo, about an hour later. Seeing the change in colour is another amazing bit of wildlife watching…



Having this new 1:1 macro lens, and knowing the Dragonfly wasn’t going anywhere. I could not resist a close up….


I saw 6 Green Hairstreaks today, all doing acrobats in the air. Only this one landed…


Birch Shielbug, with the X-Factor…


This is the 2nd colour variety of Honeysuckle we have on HC…


Finished yesterdays post off with 2 Large Red Damselflies being passionate. Today it’s the turn of 2 Azure Damselflies to keep the HC population going…



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