Friday…Hazy sun, and cooler at 20ºC.

The overnight rain quietened down most of the Invertebrates. So it’s not a very large post from today. Even so I did find a very small Tinea semifulvella. This Micro moth is a new species for me….







Green Sawfly (Rhogogaster genistae). It ripped this small fly to bits in seconds. Not surprising when you look at the jaws it has…



High Up…Honeysuckle…


Bee identification is so hard, even with a book. This one was about 8mm long, with a single grey stripe on abdomen. Also it was carrying loads of pollen….


The moths at work seem to be turning up now with a Poplar Kitten (Top Photo). Miller (Middle Photo), and a Pebble Prominent (Bottom Photo). All taken with Mobile Phone…






2 thoughts on “10.6.16.

  1. Sue Jarvis says:

    Hi Andy,

    Love your blog, have only discovered it recently but enjoy reading it and your photographs are stunning. I was over at Highgate yesterday (10.06.16) and as I was walking along the heath path towards the Island Pool an insect flew across in front of me and landed on some grasses. I realised that it was a Clearwing as I had recently read about your ‘magical’ day setting a pheromone trap. My Yellow-legged Clearwing was a female as it had a yellow tail fan. I managed to get a couple of pictures which although not brilliant are good enough to positively ID it. To say I was thrilled was an understatment! Ir you are able to email me I am happy for you to verify the photograph.

    Kind Regards, Sue Jarvis.

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  2. Hi Sue, that’s brilliant news! Could you please send me photos? Also could I also pass this information on to Staffs Wildlife Trust for their records? I would also like to use them on my blog if you wouldn’t mind. Don’t worry about quality..a record photo is still a record. I will give you the credit….If you wouldn’t mind send them to my email….
    Kind Regards….Andy


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