Great News from Friday!

I would like to thank Sue Jarvis for this next post. I think it would be best if I paste Sue’s email she sent me, to todays post….

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the reply on your blog.
I had read about Clearwings and knew what they where but in 50 odd years of wildlife watching I have never seen one and never expected to. I always thought that they were more prevalent in the south of the country so when I read your blog and saw that you had photographed one on Highgate Common I was very surprised.
When my friend Helen and I visited Highgate on Friday morning  (10.6.16)  there was quite a lot of cloud cover and the insects were pretty quiet, we didn’t start seeing butterflies until mid afternoon. We had only just started to walk down the path across the heath towards the Island Pool when the Clearwing flew in front of me and landed on a grass head. I knew instantly what it was as I had only been reading your blog the day before!
It didn’t stay around long and this is the best of the two pictures that I got but I was able to identify it as a female Yellow-legged Clearwing from the yellow tail fan. Please feel free to submit the record to the Staffs Wildlife Trust along with the photo – I so wished I’d managed a better job but it all happened very quickly!
Your blog and photographs are superb, what a wonderful species record for Highgate Common, I look forward to reading the next entry!
Kind Regards,
Yellow legged Clearwing email 1
So we have both a male and female Yellow-legged Clearwing around the Island Pool area of HC.  Great News!!! Thanks Sue!

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