Tuesday…Sunny with partial cloud. 16ºC.

Started the day off with a moth in our bathroom. Someone forgot to turn light off and the window was open. So I had the pleasure of finding a new moth species for my list. This is a Beautiful Hook-tip. When I find a new moth, I always look them up, and read about them. The photos of the Larvae of this moth, are fantastic. This Larvae is now on my must see/photograph. But I doubt I will ever find one….


At the Wardens Office there was a Foxglove Pug…


I wonder if this Garden Warblers was enjoying the fragrance of the Honeysuckle as much as I did this morning…


This is a new Hoverfly on me. It took my eye, mainly how small it was. It’s called Chrysotoxum bicinctum….


People who have followed my posts from HC over the years, knows it’s always interested me who puts the flowers round/in the Island Pool. I had a bit more of a clue this morning after seeing the flower tribute…



Two-banded Longhorn Beetle….


Jelly Ear Fungus…


This always amazes me, when I see two of these Volucella Bombylans (Red-tailed Bumblebee Mimic Hoverfly) flying round. I think it’s the female that hangs upside down, but either way it still looks unusual…


Harlequin Ladybird (F.spectabius)….


I thought all the Dragonflies had vanished, since the heavy rain. So it was nice to see a Broad-bodied Chaser on the main Common…


Ruby-tailed Wasp. I read about these wasps tonight. It’s an amazing little creature. It lays it’s eggs in a number of different species of Solitary Bee. Then it abandons them. When the Ruby-tailed Wasp larvae emerge, the eat either the host Bee, and it’s Larvae. It’s other name is Cuckoo Wasp for good reason…


My 1st Ringlet on HC this year….


At work I found another new moth. This one a Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, not a great photo taken with my phone, but it’s got some distinct features…




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