Monday.. Sunny…18ºC

Popped Across to Roman Road-Stourbridge today. To have a look at The Scarlet Tiger Project. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and for anyone who loves moths, I would highly recommend a visit. We counted 69 within a 200 metre path. But for me the best part was to see so many flying round your head, showing that glorious scarlet underwing and body. It was also lovely to meet Joy Stevens with garden fork in hand, who with other volunteers help look after this area. Thanks to you all, for this wonderful spectacle this afternoon. Although worn I love the photo with one of the Scarlet Tigers about to take off…









I forgot to thank Ken yesterday for some of his Tong Church photos!


2 thoughts on “27.6.16.

  1. Wendy Higjgate volunteer says:

    So glad you enjoyed the Roman road. Have you seen the dipper, kingfisher at Bells Mill and the incredible number of marbled white on the hills to the left of Bellsill on the other side of the river. Also a pair of reed bunting on the pool on the field in front of the river where there was a breach in the canal?

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