Friday…Mixed bag today, with sun and showers…heavy at times! 16ºC

Ken,Gary, Dave and myself went over Cannock Chase tonight, to hopefully see Nightjars. We arrived around 9pm. Firstly we searched an area I had Nightjars in the past. But the Heathland there had become overgrown with Pine Trees. So then we checked another area of the Chase, where I had been told Nightjars had been seen this year. When we got to the new area, we looked behind us, and a really bad looking storm was heading our way. My face dropped when I noticed the other guys all wearing their coats. My coat was back in the car. As the first few drops started to fall we decided to take cover under one of only a few trees on the Chase. With strong winds and the rain we stood little chance of seeing the Nightjars. Luckily the rain only lasted about 10 minutes, and it brightened up, probably too much for Nightjars. So after about another 10-15 minutes the wind totally dropped which gave us a better chance of hearing the churring of the Nightjar. With conditions just about right, it wasn’t long before we heard our first Nightjar churring. It took us a while to locate the bird, but with Ken and his white handkerchief waving, we had some real close up views. At one stage it flew right over us, and looked down right at us. It also made a call that I had never heard before. I will try to research this call. Although we only saw the one Nightjar, there was definitely two calling. So it was mission accomplished. Also seen was…a Green Woodpecker, Woodcock and a Peregrine Falcon. Also heard a Barn Owl. With it obviously being so dark, I couldn’t take any photos of the bird. But I did take the Storm heading our way on my phone…


Earlier in the evening, and travelling to Cannock, Dave showed us a place where a guy named Steve Edwards does some amazing Street Art. Unfortunately my Smartphone photos does not do them justice. You can see them better on his website…Graffoflarge.com….




At work this morning there was a Common Emerald and an Iron Prominent…



One whole post using just photos taken with my smartphone. Must be slipping!


One thought on “1.7.16.

  1. Gary says:

    Here are a couple of photos of the Chase from yesterday and my first lime hawkmoth at a customer’s house in Wordsley


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