Saturday…Very changeable conditions again. With a cold feeling 13ºC.

Two highlights today…The 1st White Admirals were on the wing, with 2 seen. Also the 1st Small Skipper. Neither gave me a photo opportunity.

I did look up last nights Nightjar call…. The frog-like “krruit’ call is actually often heard. But just not the last times I have seen and heard Nightjars. Describing it as frog-like is very accurate, after hearing it.

Large Red Damselfly…


Even in the light showers, the Ringlets were out in numbers…


Common Carpet…


With the lines being more straight across the wings, and the lighter shade of white, makes this a male Common-white Wave…


I’m really trying hard to read and learn about Bees. This is the hardest subject in nature I have ever attempted. The new wild flower border on the Birch Coppice car park is giving me some individuals to photograph, and attempt to identify at home. Going by the size/colour, and hair length on the apical depressions. I would guess at Heather Mining Bee. But I stand to bee corrected….




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