Sunday….Just don’t know where to start with weather…Sun/Rain/Sun/Rain/Sun all day. We visited 3 sites today…Highgate Common-Catherton Common and The Bog Stiperstones. Everywhere we visited today got spoilt by rain, but me and Ken found our targets at the 2 Shropshire sites. At the first site (Catherton Common) we had given up, with the unforecast rain, and decided to head home. We was only about a mile away when the sun came out, so we headed back. That was the story of the day.

I will start with HC 1st, although it was the last place we visited. May I first say how nice it was meeting Ian and Sue, it was just a shame the heavens opened up, just as we were heading to look for White Admirals.

This is a sign of the times with Magpies…


Male or Female? Mens or Ladies?


Moorhen on the Dog Pool….


Common Blue’s…


Forest Shieldbug….


This has to be the highlight of our visit to HC today…Introducing the Sicus Ferruginous Display Team. I do think the middle and bottom flies did mange to mate (bottom photo)…





I did wonder why there was very little Dragonfly activity on HC this year. But this photo which Ken kindly sent me from last Wednesday explains a lot. The Deadly Dragon Slayer –Pied Wagtail…seeing off the Dragon-Brown Hawker…


Now to our visit to Shropshire. The 1st place we visited was Catherton Common, to look for Golden-ringed Dragonflies. Like I said above this visit was nearly aborted due to rain. But luckily we just had long enough sun, to search the Common. We firstly tried to find a place Ken had seen several Golden-rings on a visit some years ago. But a lot of the possible areas we searched had overgrown. We had earlier seen a good stream, but with no sign of any Golden-rings. We had been searching the rest of the Common for about an hour without any luck. So we decided to head back and search the 1st place with the stream again. Luckily about 50 yards from the stream, and still on the Common itself, I spotted one. It turned out to be the only one we would see. It posed for us for ages, which was helpful with the strong winds. What a Beauty…




With a Golden-ring in the bag, it was off to The Bog Stiperstones, to look for Graylings. This would prove easier than most of our time at Catherton Common. Within a few minutes we found 2, who both obliged and stayed still for a photo…



On the way back and still on the Stiperstones, we spotted a Red Kite, it only gave us a brief chance for photos before it vanished over the hill. But it was a nice bonus. Record photos only….




2 thoughts on “10.7.16.

  1. dgeorge4 says:

    Hi Andy nice pics . My 500 lense is broken so Saturday we went . Can’t believe what’s under your feet . Another great day at HC Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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