Sunday…Sun with partial shade, and breezy early morning. Full sun from Noon. 24ºC.

Highgate Common and Whixall Moss trip…

Started the day by checking The Wardens office at HC. This proved successful with 2 new Micro Moths for my list. Top photo…Eucosma campoliliana…


The 2nd new Micro Moth was this Codling Moth (Lydia pomonella)…


Other moths were as follows….

Ghost Moth female…


Coxcomb Prominent….



Large Twin-spot Carpet…


Common Emerald…


Now to my 1st visit to Whixall Moss. 


The view over the bog, looking towards the Welsh side of the bog…


Cotton Grass, I found myself singing Cotton Eye Joe. Which I think got on Kens nerves…


The main reason I went to Whixall Moss was to hopefully see and photograph Large Heath. I saw several, but only this one stayed still for me to get a photo. This also was down to luck. The luck came about, because Dawn and Paul had found one, and called us over to see it. Funny thing is we met Dawn and Paul only a week ago on Highgate Common. So I would like to thank Dawn and Paul for my 1st ever Large Heath sighting and photograph….


Also all over Whixall Moss were loads of Black Darters. I managed loads of photos of these beauties. My favourite being the pair mating….


The next sighting amazed me, anyone who has followed me on the Highgate Common FB page and Website, know how long I have waited to see a Bog Bush Cricket, without any success. At Whixall Moss they are everywhere round the bogs. So this was a real pleasure. Also it will help me in looking for them on HC now. Knowing what to look for and how they move…



Emerald Damselfly….


When I was growing up I owned a few Venus Fly Traps and Sundews. It was great to see Sundews growing in there natural habitat….


Another highlight was finding a new moth for my list. This one is a Bog Specialist. It’s called a Manchester Treble-bar….


I love the colours of this Dutch Rush (Equisetum hyemate)….


Four-spotted Chaser….


We went looking for the White-faced Darter, but this one on the sign was the only one we saw….


All the while we were looking for the White-faced Darter, a Curlew constantly flew and called above us….


The only other bird I managed to photograph was this distant male Stonechat…


Yet another sign, with something we didn’t see. But I would guess Snipe number in the hundreds here…


On the way back to the car, we had a bonus highlight. I saw what I thought was a Hornet fly fast into the grass. Turns out it was this Red-breasted Carrion Beetle. This is a new species of beetle to me. It was large and a very impressive creature…


Great Day! With Great Wildlife and Great People!!!


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