Monday..Full sunshine, and even at 6:30am this morning it was 19ºC.

Only had a short visit this morning, I always find a nice sunny morning a good time to catch Purple Hairstreak down low feeding. I also had not seen one this year at HC. I did manage to see 2, but both were way up in the canopy of an Oak Tree. I could only manage to focus on this one….


Even at this early hour, and with dew around, there was good numbers of Butterflies, like this Meadow Brown…


While waiting to see if the Purple Hairstreaks would fly down, a Blue Tit and young Long-tailed Tit paid me a visit. Probably wondering why some nut was up so early, looking for Butterflies. Perhaps the Long-tailed Tit was wondering what I was looking at, and had a look itself….



A lovely new Dedicated/Memorial bench has appeared. It’s in a lovely area of the Common. Like Howard, I have had many a happy time on the Common. Especially where this bench is. I photographed my 1st Emperor moth in this exact place.




Perhaps Howard was looking down on me this morning, because no soon as I had finished photographing his bench, a Scarlet Tiger landed nearby. Hayley the new SWT Warden got the briefest of views has it flew off again. But I did manage this photo…


Had a bit of luck back at the car. This Lesser Yellow Underwing flew in my boot…




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