Wednesday…Rain with brief spells of Sun, and strong Winds. 16ºC.

Starting to wonder if summer is over. Yesterday was a washout, and today I saw the 1st signs of Autumn. I had already noticed a few leaves falling off the trees. But seeing some of the trees in their autumnal colours on Brants Hill was a shock.


I also had to cut my walk short due to the heavy rain. But even rain can make interesting photos sitting on an Oak Leaf…


Earlier I checked out the Wardens Office, a good little selection of moths this morning. This is a Maidens Blush…


Scalloped Hook-tip, or as I like to call it the Tent Moth…


Ruby Tiger, with an Unidentified Moth…


There were loads of Antler Moths on Goldie Heath. All of them flying turbo charged. Luckily this one was resting above the toilet door…


Also good numbers of Dingy Footman…



Agapeta hamana…


Garden Carpet…


After yesterdays heavy rain, most of the Skippers were looking worn. This Essex Skipper was about the best I saw. Took me ages to get this photo, with the strong winds…


Unidentified Very Small Sawfly…


Hoping for better weather soon!!!


2 thoughts on “3.8.16.

  1. Deb says:

    We have pictures of yellow & black sawfly we wondered what it was . Where have the red admirals gone? We got some bostin pictures last week .


    • Hi Deb, there are loads of Sawflies which are yellow and black. So unless you send me image, I could not help. Where have the Common Blues gone???


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