Saturday…Full Sun..22ºC

Only a short visit to HC this morning. A Speckled Wood with it’s wings up…


Brown Heath Robberfly…


Unidentified Moth… I’m not sure if it’s how it’s resting, or whether it’s to well worn, but I just can’t find anything like this yet…


The Reason for the short visit to Highgate Common, was that me and Ken decided to attend the Moth Morning at Ashwood Nurseries. It was really nice meeting Mike Williams and Tom Woodall, in the glorious morning sunshine. They had run 3 moth traps overnight, in wilder areas surrounding Ashwood Nursery Garden Centre. On arrival there were already a good selection of moths in pots, which where great to look at, even before the traps had been inspected. I also learnt a trick, how to seal the moth trap opening with a black bin liner, so nothing escapes before you are ready to look at what you have caught. It was also nice to see good numbers of local people who enjoyed their moths as much as me and Ken..




The highlight of the morning for myself was seeing my 2nd ever Gold Spot. Until I see a moth myself, I never really know what to expect. In this moths case…The Gold Spot actually looks like a Spot of Gold Leaf on it’s wings…



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