Bank Holiday Monday…Sunny and it got up to 19ºC this morning.

After yesterdays trip to Rutland and carrying my big lens round all day. We thought we would have a nice walk round Grafton Wood in search for Brown Hairstreaks. This was unsuccessful again, and also means we probably won’t see one this year now. Only having the morning to spare and it being a beautiful day, Me and Ken won’t be surprised if the people we passed coming home, would have probably seen them this afternoon. We still enjoyed our gentle walk. I would highly recommend a visit to Grafton Wood, for anybody who hasn’t been there. I will start off by showing some of the scenery surrounding the wood…





I hope this next video works. To get to the Wood you have to cross 4 fields. At about midway and with 2 fields to cross we heard what sounded like a barking. The nearer we got you could tell it wasn’t a dog. We both agreed it was probably a Deer, But which one? It didn’t stop calling for at least half an hour. We tried to see if we could spot what was making the noise for identification purposes, but it was deep in the middle of the wood. Getting home and going through the UK Deer calls I would guess Roe Deer. But if anyone else knows for sure, please correct me. Only taping on my phones video, the sound quality is poor, and may be best heard through headphones. But the actual call in the wood was quite loud…

This Orb Weaver spider certainly lives up to it’s name. Looked great in the sunlight…


I know some Invertebrates roll leaves to lay their eggs in. But it’s the 1st time I’ve seen a bird checking the rolled leaf out on tip toes…OK OK!!! Tip Claws. In this case a Chiffchaff…


Southern Hawker…


Every Speckled Wood has a Silver Lining…


Meadow Brown…


Green-veined White…






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