Leaf Mining Course at The Wolseley Centre, Staffordshire.

I really found this Leaf Mining Course interesting. A leaf mine is when a Micro Moth lays its egg in or on a leaf, and then the larvae hatch and start to eat the inside the thin membrane of a leaf. This leaves discoloured Mines, in the form of Blotches or Galleries/Trails on the outside of the leaf. These Blotches and Galleries differ in size and shape. Also leaf coiling at the edge of a leaf is also seen. All these different types of mines can be used to identify which moth the larvae belongs too. Also the type of Tree/Leaf is a useful aid, as is time of year.

Here are a few of the different Leaf Mines I collected within about half hour.


This 1st type is what is called a Gallery leaf mine…


Both the below mines are called Blotch leaf mines…



A few of the Micro Moth larvae make a hammock to pupate in, after emerging from inside the leaf. You can still see the green larva inside the hammock on the bottom photo…



Version 2

You can also still see the larva inside this Blotch mine. In the 1st photo the larva is straight, and on the 2nd it coiled up…



On this Hawthorn leaf I have marked with a White Arrow, where the egg was laid. When the Larva hatched it was really small, and only made a small thin yellowish mine trail. It then moved to the edge of the leaf. As the larva fed on the leaf it got bigger and bigger, ending up at the Red Arrow, where it would emerge from inside the membrane of the leaf as an adult moth (if it had pupated inside the leaf)…


A couple of books on the subject. Note one isn’t in english…

I’m now going to look in my own garden, and see how many I can Identify. Also picking a species of tree on HC and start to investigate what Leaf Miners we have there.

I would like to thank Dave Grundy for giving this fascinating course. Also the other people I met in the group!

Please Note:- No Trees were Harmed in the Making of these Leaf Mines!!!




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