Saturday….Dull Grey and Rainy…14ºC.

Me and Ken had a trip to Upton Warren today, to see the Baird’s Sandpiper. Nice to have a lifer so close to home for a change (Only year tick for Ken, but a great year tick). This bird was number 310 on my life list. I knew the bird was distant and with the gloomy conditions, I did not bother to take my camera. There were at least 30 birders crammed into the upper and lower deck of the Flashes main hide. But once I had space to get my scope set up, we could see the bird quite well. I always like to pick the main features of a bird out, and you could make out the light patches above it’s lores. Also the squashed appearance is notable, even at that distance. Because we thought we probably would not get any better views, we decided to call it a day, and let other birders have a chance in the hide.

On the way home decided to check out for Moths at the SWT HC Wardens Office. Only moths of note were a Snout, and this Yellow Shell, which was obviously lost. (Thanks Ken for the photo)…No camera for me today…now thats a 1st for a while…




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