Monday..Overcast and 19ºC.

Although I could recognise the Baird’s Sandpiper Saturday, and put it on my Life List. There was little chance of even a record photo. So today I was determined to go back to Upton Warren and get at least a record photo of this Vagrant from North America/Siberia. This time the bird was nearer, but still distant. Also with the low light conditions, I was really happy to get at least a handful of photos. Note the pale spot above lores, and long primary feathers projection…0z6a3091



Not a great photo, but this does show the flattened oval shape of it’s body…


A distant comparison shot with a Ruff. I think this highlights how small the Ruffs head is, compared to it’s own body. The Baird’s Sandpiper’s head is almost as big…


I was always told not to play with my food. This Common Sandpiper played with this Larva for ages, before it finally swallowed it. It must have took some time to stop it wriggling…..










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