Sunday…Really starting to feel cold early mornings now, but the temperature did get up to 20ºC.

Had a trip over to Belvide Reservoir today, to see if we could finally spot the Black-necked Grebe. Both me and Ken had missed it on our last couple of visits. Early morning was really misty, and we stood little chance of seeing the Grebe. Luckily as we were sitting in the Gazebo Hide, the mist cleared to a beautiful sunny morning, just in time for the Black-necked Grebe to pass in front of us…


Must have been a very itchy day again. With a young Moorhen and a Great-crested Grebe having a scratch. I always love to see Rails and Grebes feet…



Also had some nice sunlight in Gazebo Bay, where a few Great-crested Grebes were diving…




Tufted Duck…


Black-headed Gull…


Good numbers of Comma seemed to be all feeding on Blackberries…


Red Admiral….


Message for Ken, it appears we did see a Pintail. With reports of a couple of Pintails at Belvide, we thought we had come away without seeing them. On closer inspection of these (Heavily Cropped) photos, I noticed the green speculum surrounded by the lighter wing bars. Also the obvious long neck and pointed tail. The 2 other birds in these photos are a Shoveler and Wigeon. In fact these are the 3 last birds in a flock of Wigeon…



With the Pintail added, thats 51 species for the day. Thanks Ken for the trip tick list…


The next photo is probably my favourite from the day. It’s great to photograph the rare birds. But just as good to photograph a common bird, doing something unusual. Like this Coot covered in Duckweed. I love the little Duckweed Cap…





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