Saturday…Mixed weather. Rain early morning, turning into a nice sunny day by midday. 14ºC

Spurn  Trip…

With a Siberian Accentor landing in Easington, East Yorkshire and this being a Mega rare bird. Plus the fact it would be a lifer for both me and Ken, we decided to have a trip back up to the Spurn area. This was only a couple of weeks after our last trip. As we approached the Humber Bridge, the weather turned awful. But at least this would keep the bird in the area. Not far from Easington, Dave Collins  rang us from back in the West Midlands to confirm the bird was still by the Old School (Thanks Dave). That at least cheered us up, with the weather getting worse with every mile we travelled. The YWT had set up a free car parking area in a crop field. Even on this rainy early Saturday morning, there were numerous birders cars already there, and a steady flow of birders walking down the road. It was about  half a mile walk to the site. At the site you had to queue up, and 30 birders a time, were being let into the area, to view the bird. This meant we would be in the 2nd group of birders. Each group had about 5 minutes to view and photograph the Siberian Accentor. For us, it was just a shame the conditions were so bad. The place was surrounded by trees, and this made the light conditions even worse. The bird was hardly ever still, and at first it moved round an old rusty yellow skip, which I was not expecting. But it was great adding this Mega to my list. I wish more bird twitches would be organised so well, as this one was…







Being really happy we had managed to see the Siberian Accentor, the rest of the day Ken had agreed to help me find another possible 3 Lifers which had all been reported in the Spurn area over the last few days. Before we actually got number 2 of the 3 Lifers, we saw the following birds…



A Shorelark was close to the Blue Bell cafe…


This Goldcrest was looking up, maybe to see if the rain had finally stopped…


There were good numbers of Siskin in the Crown and Anchor car park. By this time it had turned sunny…



While looking for a Pallas’s Warbler in the Crown and Anchor car park, a Firecrest put in an appearance….


Number 2 Lifer (for me), came in the form of this Pallas’s Warbler. These photo’s took me ages to get. Typical warbler.. only giving painfully short views as it busily searched for food, amongst the heavy canopy of the churchyard trees. Not great photo’s but it does show the dark crown sides to the eye stripe. Also on the 2nd photo, you can see the distinct central crown stripe. Also the very short tail…



With number 2 Lifer in the bag, it was off to try for number 3. We would have to walk quite a way for number 3. So we decided to stop off in a couple of places to have a scan for birds. On the Humber Estuary side, we had good views of this Purple Sandpiper…


The next stop was in the hide of the YWT Canal Scrape. The only bird of interest there was this Water Rail. This one appeared darker than other Water Rail i’ve seen over the years. But it may have been the bright sunlight shining from the left and low down…


Then for me, the icing on the cake was photographing number 3 Lifer for the day. This was a Dusky Warbler….




The last photo shows how many birders there were in this area. On the way home, we passed the 1st car park we used to see the Siberian Accentor, there was this amount of cars on that car park too. Thanks Ken for this great Lifers fest, and also the Birders Queuing and Car Park photo’s….1-078

This was by far my best days birding for a long while. When you do reach 300 Lifers for Britain, it does tend to slow down. So to get 3 of the 4 I went to see, is a highly satisfactory day. It now takes my British Life List up to 315. HAPPY DAYS!!!



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