Saturday…A very cold feeling 9ºC early morning. Misty with Sunny spells.

This was upsetting on my way to Highgate Common this morning. This Muntjac had obviously been hit by a car. I know loads of people who have seen Deer on HC, but since I’ve been going, it’s something I have not. But this is the closest (albeit dead) to HC I’ve seen a Deer. I did lift the head to look for the black V marking on it’s forehead.

I blanked it’s mouth out for obvious reasons….



On a better note, the Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts office, had good numbers of November Moths…


There was also a Streak, which was almost impossible to photograph up a tight corner…


As I always seem to do…find a moth round the toilet area. This one being a Mottled Umber….



On the Common the mist had not lifted, although the sun was trying to break through…


Autumnal colour, near the old lightening tree…


There is plenty of Sulphur Tuft round the edge of the woodland…


I don’t seem to find as much Amethyst Deceiver as I used too. So it was nice to find a very small patch…


This was a shock…Brants Hill is now a lot more open. I think this will be great for the Wildlife in that area. Well Done to the SWT and the many volunteers who help out with these projects…



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