Sunday…Light rain and dull most of the morning. With about 10 minutes of sun at midday. A very cold feeling 8-10ºC.

Me and Ken started the day off thinking we were going to have a morning at HC. Only problem, while we were checking out The Wardens Office it started to rain. I would like to thank all the weathermen from last night for getting it totally wrong! At least while we were there I photographed this Feathered Thorn…


With the rain looking like it was on for quite a while, we decided to head off to the Venus Pool Nature Reserve, which is run by the Shropshire Ornithological Society. On arrival in the 1st hide, we were treated to a number of Common Snipe sitting right under the hide. Opening the hide windows really quietly, must sound loud to a Snipe. I had hardly got it open about an inch, and they shot off. Luckily still close enough for these photos….



Great-spotted Woodpecker from the feeding station hide…


Kingfisher gave a full hide a nice treat. It’s always nice when you hear someone say it’s the 1st Kingfisher they have ever seen….


Grey Heron was busy scanning the water for a meal…


Unlike the Grey Heron above, this Carrion Crow had a decent sized meal. In the form of this half portion of Ratatouille. Just before these photos, it seemed to eat the other half, and then buried this half in a hole, and covered it with soil and grass. For the rest of the day, I could not get UB40’s A Rat In My Kitchen out of my head…



This Shelduck did not want a Black-headed Gull anywhere near where it was feeding. I saw it do this at least 10 times…


Common Rabbit…


Black-tailed Godwit…


Thanks to Ken for doing, and photographing the Trip Tick List….


42 species seen, and we didn’t get wet, so all in all…a Great Morning!!


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