Tuesday… On the Common Misty….9ºC.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the lights at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Office lately. Mainly in hope of seeing a Merveille du Jour moth. Quite a few people locally have been seeing these beautiful moths over the recent weeks. I did not see one again this morning. I did see what I think is also a beauty. Most people would just walk past this moth, thinking it was dull and brown. But with the correct sunlight/camera light, you get to see the fantastic metallic green of the Green-brindled Crescent…


With the mist quite thick on the Common itself, I decided to cut my visit short. I guess this  is part of the climate of a Lowland Heath.

Moth Trapping at home, looking for the Merveille du Jour…I did trap a nice Red-green Carpet the other night….



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