Sunday…Mainly overcast…9ºC.

I met up with Rob today, over at Belvide Reservoir. It was nice seeing him again, to chat and go over some of the numerous days birding we have had together over the years.

It was mainly a quiet day at Belvide, but we did get to see the Smew. Only problem it was very distant, and on such a grey day, not worth a photograph. I did manage to photograph this male Goldeneye, which was unusually out of the water. Neither of us could remember seeing a Goldeneye on land before….



A juvenile Pied Wagtail, was in front of the Hawkshutt hide. Standing on one leg, while keeping the other warm…


At home, I’m still waiting for the winter thrushes to turn up in good numbers. We did see numerous Redwing and a small flock of Fieldfare. I only managed this photo of one of the Fieldfare…


As usual at Belvide, the Nuthatches gave quite a few photo opportunities…



It was nice to see a Greenfinch, I still wonder if they will ever come back in the numbers they used to be…


Long-tailed Tit…


Like the Greenfinches, I really think the number of Chaffinches are falling. There were a few today at Belvide, but nowhere in the numbers they used to be….IMHO…


I decided to try out the video on my new camera today. This Great-spotted Woodpecker on fat balls gave me just long enough for this clip….


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