Saturday…Mainly Dull, with an overnight ground frost…..2ºC (Where did that beautiful sunshine Saturday the weathermen forecast go too?).

Had a trip to Stow-on-the-Wold today, to see the Blue Rock Thrush. This was my second trip within a month, to see this bird. My first trip I was lucky enough to see the bird for at least 10 seconds through my binoculars. I had not even unpacked my camera, when the bird flew from a roof top, and was not seen again the rest of that day. I felt really frustrated that I didn’t even get a record photo of the bird, especially with the bird showing so well, in full sunshine.

So today with a sunny Saturday forecast, me and Ken set off around 7am. The first time I visited Stow-on-the-Wold the Thrush had only been there a week, and it attracted at least 200 birders. On arrival this time, it was going to be totally different, with only me and Ken there so early. So it looked like we would have to find the Thrush ourselves. Within half an hour, we were joined by another four birders, which gave us a better chance. With six of us now spread out all scanning roof tops, it was not long after one of the other guys spotted the Thrush. Unfortunately it was low in a bush, and I could only take a photo through someones yellow washing line. Not long after the bird flew out of the garden and onto a nearby roof top. This was number 316 on my Life List…Happy Days….



While waiting for a sight of the Blue Rock Thrush, the only bird on a roof was this Jackdaw with it’s breakfast…


On the way home, Me and Ken decided to check out a couple of Waxwing locations.Both within a mile of where we live. This bird (one of two) was Opposite Geoff Hills Electrical shop in Amblecote. We did not stay long as it started to rain (Damn Weathermen). The other site Granville Drive had 30 birds yesterday…but none were there today!



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