Saturday…Unfortunately it was back to the doom and gloomy conditions. It also felt a very cold 2ºC in Beeley-Derbyshire. After yesterdays conditions, this was After the Lord Mayors Show!!!

The main purpose of the trip today was to see the Mega Rare Dusky Thrush. Of late the bird has been showing quite a distance away, especially since all the apples have gone from a nearby orchard. So Me, Ken, and Dave knew we had a real task on our hands to even find the bird. On arrival there were around 100 Redwings in 2 fields. So the three of us started to scan through the Redwings, to look for the Dusky Thrush. Amazingly Dave spotted it, and called me and Ken, only for the bird to fly into a hedge and out of sight, which left me and Ken disappointed. If it had stayed where Dave had spotted it, I would now be posting some decent photos. Instead we had to wait around 2 hours for the Dusky Thrush re-emerge. This time the bird was very distant, so I can only post heavily cropped images. As usual the bird was unmistakable through the scope, and this meant I get to add number 317 to my Life List…

Version 3


The Award for 1st Spot of a Dusky Thrush 21.1.17….Goes to Mr Dave Collins…


We all had 2 Year Ticks with Stock Dove, and these Pink-Footed Geese..


Tried a new Wi-Fi remote out for my camera. The only bird around long enough to try it on was this Robin….



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